Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The only remaining barrier to entry for Linux

The only remaining barrier to entry for Linux

If asked, what would you think is the biggest challenge facing Linux mass adoption? Jack Wallen takes on this question with an answer you might not expect.


After my last piece, "Alternative is the question; Linux is the answer," I received quite a lot of feedback. Much of that feedback was positive. Some, as you might expect, went the opposite direction. Those who sent in the negative feedback promised to re-answer the question for me.

Their answer? To my shock and dismay, went something like this:

The answer is Windows. Why? Because Linux is too hard to install.

Pardon me while I double take, spitting soda out of my mouth and through my nose.

My response to the backlash is to wonder if those crying out against Linux have even bothered to attempt an install of a recent release?

Sure, I'll give them this... back in the day, Linux was not easy to install. In fact, there are still a select few distributions that seem to not quite understand the need for an easy-to-use GUI installer. But those tend to fall into the fringes. The mainstream Linux distributions offer an installation process that is as simple as it gets.

In fact, I decided to do a comparison between installing Ubuntu Linux 15.04 and Windows 10.

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