Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have More Fun with Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux: 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures

Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux: 10 Funny Jokes In Pictures


The Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux debate continues. Their fans continue to be at the each others throat. The baseline of most debate is that Windows is clumsy and full of security issues, Linux is complicated and not user-friendly and Mac is all looks that burns your money for each and everything. There are forums, dedicated websites, Facebook pages and tons of articles dedicated to the Windows Vs Linux Vs Mac debate but don’t worry this post is not to find out who is the best of them all.
In this post I have collected ten funny pictures on Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux debate. Similar to what I did with 10 funny pictures on Obama and Prism scandal. To clarify, I do not own the copyrights for any of these pictures. I could not mention their sources as they were already “recycled” and I could not be certain of the original sources. If you have the copyrights of any of these and you object their uses in such a manner, do let me know and I’ll remove it. That said, enjoy the fun with Open Source.