Friday, June 26, 2015

How To Install WinUsb on Ubuntu 14.04

How To Install WinUsb on Ubuntu 14.04

winusb gui screenshot

     WinUsb is a simple tool that allows you to create bootable Windows USB installer/stick from Windos iso image or DVD on Ubntu Linux.
It includes both command line tools as well as GUI tools(graphical interface).
Until Ubuntu 13.10, WinUsb was available through its official PPA.
Currently there is no updated version of WinUsb available for Ubuntu 14.04.
so to install WinUsb on Ubuntu 14.04, we need to download & install the Saucy version of WinUsb and also need to run dependencies fix switch

(sudo apt-get -f install)
to fix dependencies.

Step By Step To Install WinUsb:

step 1 : Open terminal window

Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open terminal.

step 2 : Download .deb files

For 32 bit:


For 64 bit:


step 3 : install downloaded files

 sudo dpkg -i winusb_1.0.11+saucy1*

step 4 : Resolve dependency problems

 sudo apt-get -f install

These four steps will install the WinUSB graphical interface and the WinUSB command line tool.
The WinUSB GUI is much easier to use than the WinUSB command line tool.

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