Monday, February 1, 2016

Mozilla Released Firefox 45 Beta , with GTK3 integration , instant tab sharing, new push API etc..

Firefox 45 Beta Released
See What Is New in FF45

The latest update of Firefox 45 Beta is now available for download and testing with lot of new features and bugfixes.

This update includes GTK3 Integration for Linux and new Synced Tabs button in button bar and more features for developers.

The official stable version of Firefox 45 is planed to release on March 8 2015. Users who are very curious and impatient to see and use new features of firefox 45 can download Firefox 45 beta from official firefox beta channel.

The new features and fixes avilable in FireFox 45 are listed below.. look @ them.. :)

New In Firefox 45

    Instant browser tab sharing through Hello
  • GTK3 integration (GNU/Linux only)
  • Synced Tabs button in button bar
  • Tabs synced via Firefox Accounts from other devices are now shown in dropdown area of Awesome Bar when searching
  • Introduce a new preference (network.dns.blockDotOnion) to allow blocking .onion at the DNS level


  • URLs containing a Unicode-format Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) are now properly redirected




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