Friday, January 1, 2016

Why To Use Open Source Software ? ?

        Why To Use Open Source Software


Introduction : 

      Open Source Software / Free Software (aka OSS/FS), also described as Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), has risen to great prominence. Briefly, FLOSS programs are programs whose licenses give users the freedom to run the program for any purpose, to study and modify the program, and to redistribute copies of either the original or modified program (without having to pay royalties to previous developers). 

    There are many good reasons to use open source software.... 
Here , I listed some of the Benefits of using open source software ....

Benefits of Using Open source Software : 

  •  Public Collaboration
  •  Reliability
  •  Better Security 
  •  Audit ability
  •  Flexibility
  •  Cost Effective 
  •  Error Resolution 
  •  Better Integration
  •  Open platform 
  • see more benifits .... 

Practical reasons for open source software :

Some IT people and more technical computer enthusiasts believe that open source software is less secure due to its open nature. These same individuals might also feel that open source software is less reliable since many applications aren't backed by large companies like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, etc.

I'd argue that isn't the case. I believe open source software is often more secure and more flexible than proprietary options as it has nothing to hide. The entire process can be vetted at anytime by examining the source code, offering to help with the software development and learning how the application works from the inside. I'd be lying if I claimed that all open source software is 100% secure and totally bulletproof. Obviously no application is completely secure, this is why updates and patches are important to install as they're released.
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